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Deployment and Assessment

Assistance with growing your deployment, or starting it from scratch. Build a continuous culture improvement. Start an improvement opportunity queue. Measure the program progress.

Training and Mentoring

Focused Just-in-Time training that produces value. Delivered with engaging exercises and problem-solving practice. One-on-one follow-up mentoring to help new students through their first improvement project.

Facilitation and Analysis

Facilitation of team improvement projects. Collect and analyze the baseline process performance. Map the process. Perform statistical analysis of data. Calculate the financial benefit.

Some of the details


Baseline the performance of a process before making changes. Results can then be analyzed, and the improvements quantified. It is critical for the long term success of an improvement program to be able to quantify benefits!

Walk the Process

Having an outside set of eyes go to where the work is performed is beneficial in identifying waste in the process that was hidden from those close to the process.

Opportunity Identification

Keep a fresh list of process improvement opportunities. This queue can be analyzed by effort and impact and alignment with the business goals. Leadership can then select the group of ideas to become improvement projects.

Training with a Purpose

Training should produce tangible business results! It has to be interesting, the content practical and retained, and the lessons immediately applied to an actual process.

Management of Change

Communicate, communicate, communicate! People need to know the why, future benefits, the how and the when.

Benefit Reporting

Completed improvements should be documented and shared with the appropriate amount of effort. Financial benefits must be calculated AFTER they are accrued, typically to a maximum of 1 year. Ideally, finance should agree with the numbers. The financial benefits provide a long term justification for the program.

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