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Playing Safe

New Procedures Enable Recreational Activity To Continue Safely.

Even after there is more freedom of movement, social distancing might continue until a vaccine is developed and made widely available.  Except for areas with mandatory stay-at-home requirements, what procedures can be put into place to enable safe outdoor activities?

Adjusting to the new norm and with a nod from the state government, one large golf course community chose to stay open and make some simple changes to protect players.  The changes include a combination of visual controls, mistake-proofing, rule changes, and supervision.

Changes include:

  • Mistake-Proofing: The courses provide no golf carts, players either walk or bring their cart.
  • Standard Work: A new course rule allows each player to drive separate carts.
  • Visual Control: Except for members of the same household, signage reminds players to practice social distancing during queuing for tee times and play.
  • Mistake-Proofing A novel modification keeps players from having to touch the flags or reach into the holes. A short length of PVC pipe acts as a bumper, preventing balls from going into the hole.  When the ball touches or bounces off the tube, the play is complete.
  • Supervision: Course Ambassadors monitor play and ensure adherence to the new “standard play.”

The world is evolving to meet the challenge that we face. This example represents some simple, practical solutions for the new environment.     

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